The Secret of Husbands – ep 9 “Il Calciatore”

New ride, new race. In this ninth episode of the column "The secrets of our husbands" we will discover, perhaps, the secret of a football player. And of his happy wife.

But how good would it be to meet the vate Ornella of Timidamente Amore ?! Exact!

Also this year this blog is a candidate in three categories at the Festa della Rete which will be held on November 10th in Perugia. Should you prefigure the victory, I will send two special invitations to the event, one for Sabrina and another for Ornella, our favorite writer.

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On Sabrina I have little hope, but the presence of Ornella I would almost take for granted! But now let's focus on a new secret of our husbands ...

The article Il Segreto dei Mariti - ep 9 "Il Calciatore" comes from Mr. Destroy .

(Source: Il Signor Distruggere)

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